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Our Purpose & Values

Our Purpose

Our vision and purpose is to REFRESH LIVES and DO AUTHENTIC MINISTRY

We accomplish this by spreading a wide net as an effort to reach people for Christ; we gather in authentic places for worship, while seeking to grow in God's Word and living in a spirit-filled and led environment with the express goal of serving one another, our community and the nations of the earth as God gives us opportunity.

At Refreshing Waters we are motivated by God’s love to build a healthy community of believers who are united in covenant relationship with one another.   We believe God has given us an assignment to grow His Kingdom by sharing the message of reconciliation to all people through Christ and by the empowering grace of the Holy Spirit.

Our Values

At Refreshing Waters, we have embraced the following core values:

  • Celebrate Diversity - we value people from a wide variety of backgrounds because of God's immeasurable love for all; therefore we seek to embrace and empower the uniqueness of each gift that He has given to people of all different cultures and ethnicity.
  • Spirit of Excellence - we honor God by striving to attain the very best in every endeavor we undertake, and by being good stewards over the resources that He has given us to manage.
  • Spiritual Growth - maturity is essential to our character development. The Holy Spirit empowers us to live the Christ-like life and become skilled through His Word to live with clarity and focus.
  • Giving Generously - whether its through our time, talents or treasure - because God's blessings are limitless to us, we seek opportunity to bless others.
  • Healthy Relationships - we value Christ-honoring relationships, encourage one another to show kindness to all and build healthy, balanced friendships.