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Life Groups

At Refreshing Waters, we believe growth happens in the context of healthy relationships.  In short, “WE DO LIFE TOGETHER.”

Jesus Christ called His disciples to develop a new community of believers and they learned from the Master Teacher the meaning of true discipleship. They learned how important it is to pray and take real-life examples from the Bible and apply them to everyday life.

Here at Refreshing Waters, we have over 100 adults who have joined a Life Group.  As we experience or "do life" together as a group, we learn how important it is to have relationships with others who want to seek God. Doing life together, no matter your age or stage of life, is what Life Groups are all about. 

"They devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer…in their homes, and ate together with glad and sincere hearts, praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people. And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved."  - Acts 2:42-47

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Life Group?

A Life Group is a small group of 8 to 12 people of similar ages and life stages who gather together for Bible study, growth in friendships and growth in their relationships with God.   We don’t have regular mid-week services but instead choose to gather in small groups for the purpose of spiritual growth and building relationships.

Why Should I Get Involved in a Life Group?

Everyone needs relationships (friends) and everyone needs someone to pick them up when they fall. Life Groups provide a place where you can "do life" together with others and a place where you can belong during your life’s journey.

Who Attends a Life Group?

Everyone! Adults who are married, single, in college, teens, those with children, without children, or "empty-nesters"… Refreshing Waters has a Life Group for everyone. Whether you are new or have been attending for a while, groups are open to receive new friends.

When Do Life Groups Meet?

Life Groups meet any day of the week at any time, except First Wednesdays. For info about groups currently meeting, contact our office at (816) 761-5161.

Where Do Life Groups Meet?

They can meet in the home of the group leader or in the home of another group member, in restaurants, club houses, or at the church campus (with approval).

How Long Does a Life Group Last?

The total duration of a typical Life Group is between 8-12 weeks. After that, group members can decide if they want to continue meeting together for the next semester. Life Groups are set up on semester system where groups meet for three months and then take 3-4 weeks off.  During this time, sign-up begins for new groups. We believe that Scripture teaches that there is a time to work and there is a need to have a time to rest.

Fall Semester - September, October, November, December

Spring Semester - January, February, March, April

Summer Semester - June & July

What is the Length of Each Life Group Gathering?

Groups typically meet for 1-1/2 to 2 hours.

What Do Life Groups Study?

Curriculum is selected or approved by the pastoral leadership of our church and is based on our Mission Values of Biblical Truth, Fervent Prayer, Compassionate Outreach, Authentic Relationships, and Humble Service.

During some semesters, all groups may study the same material if the pastoral leadership desires the entire church to focus on a particular subject area. At other times, we will offer many different types of curricula.

What is the Format of a Life Group?

Though each group will differ in how they do things. Group time consists of Bible Study, building relationships, discussion, and prayer. Many groups also fellowship around snacks or light refreshments.

Is Childcare Provided for Each Life Group?

Childcare is not provided, but there are options available. The best solution is to empower each Life Group to be responsible for its own childcare needs. 

When Can I Join a Life Group?
You can join a group at any time as long as it is still open for new members. 

How do I become a Life Group Leader?

If you are a church member who has already attended a Life Group, you could start a new group by becoming a Life Group Leader yourself. To find out more about becoming a Life Group leader, contact our office and be connected with our Life Group Ministry Director.

After our Life Group has completed the semester, can our group stay together for the next semester?

Yes! If your group leader plans on leading again, each group member will be given an opportunity to pre-enroll by letting the leader know they would like to continue on with the group. Your leader will enroll the group members who wish to remain in the group.

One important goal of our Life Group discipleship ministry is that groups will “multiply” into new Life Groups at the end of the semester. As a group becomes too full to accommodate new friends or family members invited by group members, it is important for that group to consider splitting off into a new group so that new spiritual growth will continue to take place. This helps keep an “open seat” available for a guest or family member to fill.

Other Questions?

Please contact our church office at (816) 761-5161, email us at or complete the contact form below if you are interested in joining a Life Group.

Life Groups